Alexandru Vasilachi

Interface Redesign project


  • Prototyping
  • UX analysis
  • User Testing


  • Solo


  • Figma


  • 2,5 months


The assignment was to redesign and improve the clients’ tool for making surveys. The company was experiencing a very high load on their support agents, and was hoping a redesign of the their main tool would help reduce some of that, by making the tool easier and clearer to use.


First step was to research the current state of the web tool. For that I have interviewed people that match the client’s customer base as closely as possible, on the topics of online survey creation tools. I also tested the usability and learnability of the current tool of the client together with some competitors, in hopes of identifying areas of improvement.

After analyzing the research data I was able to identify several areas for improvement in the tool and began working on my redesign.

Mainly I focused on improving the flow of the user experience, rewriting some of the texts to make them clearer and simpler, and putting control elements in more obvious places. I also added a help section and made a design for it.

Newly added Help section


I ended up with a hi-fi prototype that was tested to be easier to start using then the original version. The redesigned flow features ways for the user to get explanations for how various options worked, a dedicated Help section with detailed information, as well as improvements to the efficiency of the flow of creating questions, such as easier available buttons and clearer explanations.

Redesigned survey tool

Key takeaways

In this project I got to practice the entire design process, from research to prototyping for one project. I also learned how useful it is to know the business goals in a project. Knowing the client wants to reduce the amount of people calling support for help helped me focus my redesign on improving a specific aspect of the tool.

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