Alexandru Vasilachi
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  • Research
  • Design thinking
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation


  • 4 people


  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Miro


  • 5 months


A project aimed at redesigning bicycle parking solutions for small train stations to address the challenge of space efficiency due to increasing demand. Over 5 months we researched, designed and prototyped a concept and presented it to the client.

The problem presented was “Small train stations lack a solution for parking bicycles that fits combined travel by bicycle and train”


1. Research

• Created a survey, conducted observations and role-plays in order to deeply understand user behaviors and preferences.

A snapshot of a summary of research conducted

2. Ideation

• Diverged with techniques such as Lotus Blossom and Concept Sketching to generate multiple concepts.

• Iterated with Evaluation Matrix, Mash Up, and synthesized to converge on a unified solution.

• The concept chose to move forward with stores user’s bicycles automatically in a hidden area above or below a walkable area near a station. Users leave their bikes at drop-off points and continue on their way, while being directed by screens in the floor, to keep foot traffic moving smoothly. When they return, the users pick up their bicycle at a pick up point and cycle off.

3. Prototyping

• Participated in ideating/creating the 1st prototype out of cardboard, for testing overall layout, user paths and touchpoints.

• Created the 2nd prototype - a 3d model for assessing an idea of changing the layout, and to start moving the prototyping to a digital method for faster iterations.

• 3rd prototype - created an animated and walkable model in Unity, implementing the final changes and showcasing the design's functionality effectively for final presentation.

4. Testing

• Tested user’s comprehension of the concept, main touchpoints, layout, and pathing through various methods including User Walkthrough, User Behavior Map, and Role Play.

• Iteratively improved the design based on test results.


A future-oriented concept for an automated bicycle parking solution that is seamlessly integrated into the user’s journey. The automated bicycle racks are oriented to be convenient to push the bicycle in as the person walks with it. After just tapping their travel card, to identify their bicycle the user is free to continue on their journey, while the system moves their bicycle to a hidden automated storage area. When the user arrives back at the station, they are offered to retrieve their bicycle when they check out of the train. A screen tells them where their bicycle will be delivered, and the user is ready to go. The screens in the floor dynamically separate the flow of incoming and outgoing passengers to keep enough pick up and drop off points available during peak hours.

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